Wednesday, April 11, 2012


SLIME MONSTER - Copyright ©2012 Kevin P. Johnson

Hey there boys and girls,

Well I've been gone away from this blog for a while. 2012 has been a bad year financially and making it worse my dog Spooky passed away in February. The basic problem has been not having art supplies to keep this page moving forward but I will be doing more art and expect to get back to updating this page regularly.

I was messing around and decided that I needed to draw a Slime Monster . . . these things just happen I can't explain it to you. So when he was done I brought it into Adobe Photoshop and made him green for some reason instead of just using two or three variations of the colors for shading I decided to use the "Burn" tool to see how that would work out and it kind of had the effect I wanted (it did get a little darker in some spots than I had intended) and I should use it more often.

Beware the Slime Monster he's lurking in that tank in the back of your toilet.

Thanks for checking out the drawings,
Kevin P. Johnson
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