Saturday, September 22, 2012

2nd Annual 31 Monsters in 31 Days - October 2012

Ahhh! Monsters Promo - Copyright © 2012 Kevin P. Johnson

Hey there boys and girls,
This October I will be returning to the fun time I had last year with the 2nd Annual 31 Monsters in 31 Days. I will be drawing a monster a day and getting them posted here for your entertainment. The plan is one monster a day but if something happens and I miss a day I promise that the 31 will be done in the 31 days. I plan to revisit some of the monsters from last year as well as create all new monsters for this years event. I hope you all enjoy the monsters and follow along every day in October to see what goes bump in the night . . . or day . . . or those in between times.

Thanks for checking out the drawings,
Kevin P. Johnson
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