Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Monsters in 31 Days (2014 Edition): Monster 22 - Water Wart

Water Wart - Copyright ©2014 Kevin P. Johnson
Well I  said I didn't want to get behind and then the next day I'm soooo behind. Today I went with a made up monster I'm calling the Water Wart. I don't know exactly what he is but he kinda looks slimy. If you are wondering about the color I had to go digital because my markers are drying up faster than rain in the dessert and I have to keep as many as I can working for an event I have on Saturday. I actually have the monster that should actually be today's drawn but I have to color him too digitally and it won't be until tomorrow when I hopefully have two monsters to post.

Thanks for looking,
Kevin P. Johnson

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