Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Monsters in 31 Days (2014 Edition): Monster 6 - The Fouke Monster (The Legend of Boggy Creek)

Fouke Monster - Copyright ©2014 Kevin P. Johnson
The Fouke Monster is a southern version of the sasquatch or Big Foot that was seen in the early 1970's near Fouke, Arkansas. I remember this guy from the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek and it's many sequels and he is pretty much the same as the other hairy monsters that are found in wooded areas across the United States.The Fouke Monster is known for taking livestock and dogs and has been known to attack humans on several occasions.

I read that he had big red eyes and so I figured that they should be big and red and silly and well that's what we have here.

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Kevin P. Johnson

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