Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Monsters in 31 Days (2014 Edition): Monster 8 - Skeletons

Skeletons (Recolor) - Copyright ©2014 Kevin P. Johnson

Skeletons - Copyright ©2014 Kevin P. Johnson
Well who doesn't like big toothed skeletons? I brought back this monster because they are fun to draw and super silly looking. I've posted two versions of this because after the initial coloring I didn't like the background but since I scanned it already why not let you choose which one that you like best. Another technical issue is that the scanner I've been using does not like the light grey markers and everything is a bit "hotter" than it should be. Anyway here are a couple of skeletons wearing t-shirts relating to my old comic book Strange City Heroes.

Thanks for looking,
Kevin P. Johnson

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