Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 6 Skunk Ape

Skunk Ape - Copyright © 2012 Kevin P. Johnson

The Skunk Ape is a nasty stinky creature found in the southern United States mostly in Florida. It is a Big Foot type creature that gets its name from its horrible smell and ape-like appearance. I'd never heard of this one before but he has probably got my favorite name of any of the creatures I've looked up so far. I will probably do another drawing of him as a full body when I'm over this sickness I've had all week.

In my drawing I've chosen to give him the white stripe like a skunk would have because that just seemed like the right thing for a guy called the Skunk Ape.

This drawing is done with Copic Markers and Sharpie with Adobe Photoshop after on 8.5" x 11" Bristol Board

More information and photos of the Skunk Ape  I also found these two humorous videos below on a sighting of the Skunk Ape. The second video's quality is pretty bad but that makes sense being that it seems all encounters with these types of creatures never have good quality video or photography.

Watch out for the stinky Skunk Ape,
Kevin P. Johnson
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