Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 19 - Ghost

GHOST! Everyone has heard of ghost right? They are the lost souls of the departed who have not been able to cross over to heaven or hell or someplace altogether different but regardless of where they want to go they are stuck here. Some ghost appear to people and just pass by but others are angry and cause noise and knock over mall items. Ghost are sometimes scary and sometimes they are just funny.

There have been thousands of movies and TV shows feature spooky spooks and the list could go on for days and I'm sure everyone out there knows a ghost story or two but check out this little gem of a song by Daniel Johnston called Casper The Friendly Ghost.

In many cases when a ghost is featured in a film that is animated the ghost often resembles a white bedsheets and has black eyes . . . this is also the easiest costume to make for Halloween besides going as yourself. In my drawing that is the type of ghost I went with because I love those silly guys.

The colors are  Copic Markers.

Kevin P. Johnson

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Ghost - Copyright © 2011 Kevin P. Johnson

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