Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 28 - Vampires

Rule #1 Vampires can not walk in the sunlight
Rule #2 Vampires do not sparkle
Rule #3 Anyone who believes Rule #1 and 2 are false should be staked

Vampires, these are the blood suckers of the undead that live in darkness and are smooth stealthy killers. Now the basic rules for vampires are the can not walk in the sunlight or they will burn into dust, they must sleep underground or in a casket during the daylight hours, they must feed on human blood (they can turn a human into a vampire or allow them to live through the process without killing them if they please), they can not enter a home without being invited, they can glamour a person, holy water and crosses and silver are usually items that will burn them, and they move at a rapid pace and sometimes they can fly. Sometimes they vary in what their powers are but if it walks in sunlight it's not a vampire. Stakes through the heart kill them as well.

Now not long ago I had the argument of weather vampires are evil or not? I said that they indeed are and this is how I argue that point. Now being undead in itself has been related to evil and devils but not enough of an answer but not what I'd call solid enough to defeat the point of "well they are just trying to survive and they need blood to do that." Vampires know that they need blood and they know that they do not need to kill to get it or even turn the human into a vampire unwillingly. Vampires will out of rage or blood lust slaughter an innocent living human to save it's own life, I see that as evil . . . and a bit bad ass. Vampires were once fully human and the laws of good and evil apply to their existence as well.

There are tons of movies, books, comic books, and TV shows about vampires. I suggest starting with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, True Blood, The Lost Boys, 30 Days of Night and check out the first vampire movie Nosferatu its a silent film from 1922 but creepy and crazy.

In my drawing I based my vampire on the original film character Count Orlok or Nosferatu as he is one of the most recognizable characters in Vampire lore. The colors are Copic Markers.

Nibble, Nibble,
Kevin P. Johnson

P.S. Do not watch any Twilight movie . . . ever.

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