Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 30 - Scarecrow

Scarecrows are used by farmers to keep birds away from their crops but many movies and comic books have been created featuring these guys. It seems that they are often represented with a pumpkin head or a burlap sack with eyes on it. In the movies these guys come to life and often have the power of fear that their victims can not overcome . . . unless they are Batman.

In my drawing I had no working brown markers so I decided that he was going to be black and white . . . and then I decided maybe his eyes could be a color and his hand the straw color he'd be filled with . . . I'm liking the way the hand came out but not so much the grey . . . maybe next time.

The colors are Prismacolor Markers and Copic Markers.

Get outta my fields,
Kevin P. Johnson

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Scarecrow - Copyright © 2011 Kevin P. Johnson

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