Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 21 - Ogre

Ogres . . . some say they are like onions and have many layers but these legendary creatures are normally large, mean, nasty creatures that enjoy feeding on humans. An ogre is often represented as a large humanoid type figure much larger than a human being but smaller than a giant.

Ogres appear in many movies and literature and maybe the best known modern example is in the Shrek movie series where the Ogre is not as mean and nasty as the legends of ogres past foretold.

In my drawing I chose to make my ogre with a smile on his face because I tend to like a little silliness but also he might have stumbled upon some human dinner. It seems that most ogres are drawn using green as their color but after a bit of research I found that they appear in many colors including green, red, flesh, grey and blue. My only reason for going with blue is because there have been a lot of green monsters so far and I wanted to break it up a bit. The colors are Copic Markers.

Kevin P. Johnson

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Ogre - Copyright © 2011 Kevin P. Johnson

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