Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Monsters in 31 Days: Day 3 - The Mummy

OK so some monsters are kind of lame but still everyone knows them and have a great time watching movies about them. In this case the we have The Mummy or The Living Mummy a character that I never understood how people could get killed by and yet they did. Mummies are found all over the world by archaeologist but the movie mummies are usually based on an Egyptian mummy of what seems to be a random assortment of ancient pharaohs that have a curse on their tomb and upon opening it's tomb the Mummy comes alive and kills all who have disturbed his sleep. My problems with this are as follows:
1. The guy is slow as a mummy how does he catch anyone?
2. He's like walking dust get a vacuum cleaner and he'll leave you alone.
3. I bet water would mess him up just as much as fire but I don't think anyone ever uses water.
4. The guy has one move he chokes you . . . slowly.

All in all the Mummy is still an interesting character and if you allow yourself the suspension of disbelief (lots of it) you can have great fun with the movies about him.

I did 4 drawings of the Mummy. In my first drawing I used Copic Markers for the color and the three other drawings were just Sharpie Marker.

Head over to Uncyclopedia to read more very funny stuff about the Mummy

You'd have to be dumb to get caught by the Mummy,
Kevin P. Johnson
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